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Norconsult and Tangen development project!!

NYKULTURMINNE bakgaardendoubleThese last few weeks I´ve been taking part in a training/internship at Norconsult in Hamar. They did a week of public city planning workshops to develop a sleepy little town into something wonderful. Here are my two favorites of the pre-viz illustrations I did for them..(these are just the experiments, not the final versions)

revisiting the revisitation of gordon matta-clark´s fake estates



Gordon Matta-Clark and Fake Estates
In the early 1970s, Matta-Clark discovered that the City of New York periodically auctioned off “gutterspace”—unusably small slivers of land sliced from the city grid through anomalies in surveying, zoning, and public-works expansion. He purchased fifteen of these lots, fourteen in Queens and one in Staten Island. Over the next years, he collected the maps, deeds, and other bureaucratic documentation attached to the slivers; photographed, spoke, and wrote about them; and considered using them as sites for his unique brand of “anarchitectural” intervention into urban space. Matta-Clark died in 1978 at the age of 35 without realizing his plans for Fake Estates, and ownership of the properties reverted to the city. The archival material that he had assembled went into storage and was not rediscovered until the early 1990s, when it was assembled into exhibitable collages. Thus,Fake Estates has emerged not only as a mordant commentary on issues surrounding property, materiality, and disappearance that marked the whole of Matta-Clark’s career, but as artifacts of his own estate, reminders of the powers of absence and presence that govern our relationship to the past.

Cabinet magazine

Landscape Architecture Magazine

From the March 2013 issue of LAM:

By Michael Van Valkenburgh, FASLA, with William S. Saunders

Unlike architecture, landscape architecture evolves (and almost always improves) through time. Its parks and gardens are never complete. Or rather the finished landscape of today is not the finished landscape of many years from now. Landscape architects must more deliberately include in their work predictions of how it will change. Yet few landscape professionals continue being involved in their built works beyond a year or two after opening day. What happens? The site is taken over by natural processes and unplanned human impacts or by its caretakers, who, at least partially, become its new designers, typically with little direction from the original designer. Yet if the landscape architect’s design matters on day one, it matters equally in year five and beyond.

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new studio! at the Hamar development studios for film and arts

After over a year and a half without a studio, I finally found a space! It needs some fixing up, but has big potential!



While my website domain is in the process of being renewed, I thought I would post some of my finished projects here for the curious!

Victory! Victory!Building DwellingSustainability Second PinkMasanobu FukuokaMaproom

Lillehammer trip today

On a little day trip to Lillehammer today I visited the Lillehammer Museum…and saw for the first time the work of Leonard Rickhard and Roald Kyllingstad…cool paintings and drawings (sorry they are a little out of focus)…and they have a beautiful pile of a waterfall in the central courtyard designed by Bård Breivik, that was working today ( the last time I visited it was covered with ice and snow).

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