Lillehammer trip today

On a little day trip to Lillehammer today I visited the Lillehammer Museum…and saw for the first time the work of Leonard Rickhard and Roald Kyllingstad…cool paintings and drawings (sorry they are a little out of focus)…and they have a beautiful pile of a waterfall in the central courtyard designed by Bård Breivik, that was working today ( the last time I visited it was covered with ice and snow).


Norway seen from the road 1733–2020

These beautiful models are made by Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk for his Vøring Waterfall design project in Hardanger and Peter Zumthorfor his Zinc Mine Museum project in Allmannajuvet, Sauda. They are on display at the Nasjonalmuseet – Arkitektur until oktober 2012 in the exhibition: Utsikter. Norge sett fra veien 1733–2020 (Views. Norway Seen from the Road)

One-Straw Revolution

Masanobu Fukuoka has long been an inspiration of mine ever since I learned about him at Bread and Puppet in 2000. Although the “road back to nature” is now an outdated concept, and it is much more holistic to accept the technology and mistakes we make as part of our nature…he was a visionary in his time and we can still learn so much from his theories about do-nothing-farming. Check out his work and ideas here : One-Straw Revolution


the aesthetic of nothing special

Joseph Esherick, a bay area architect, said that “the ideal kind of building is one you don’t see”..

Turning away a commission once to design a ”signature” building at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., he said: ”I’m not interested in doing a signature building, but I would be interested in doing a good building to satisfy somebody’s problem. My signature isn’t part of the problem.”NYTimes, 1998


The Sea Ranch is this awesome little community 100 miles north of San Francisco

Thats one damn good designer.

After the California Summer

Topographic concept model of Strawberry Canyon, Berkeley

This summer was amazing! I spent June-August in Berkeley attending the Center for Environmental Design summer intensive program in the Landscape Architecture In[LAND] program. And it was intense! I learned so much and will apply to several graduate schools this fall to focus ANSR works more on land use and design.

Here are some of the results from the many projects I did regarding land use and sustainability in Berkeley.

Cultivation Field

ANSR is participating in Cultivation Field, Reading England with generous support from OCA (Office for Contemporary Art, Norway)

coming up this summer

We are taking a trip to visit lots of old friends in the Bay Area and attend the Summer Institute in Environmental Design, UC Berkeley,  [IN}Land (Landscape Architecture). Its the beginning of something very fruitful and so exciting!

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